Wandering Gem Jockeying

An actual commercial title by yours truly
August 2019

Embark on a quest in search of ultimate power, lying in the hands of a hoarding entity. Between your goal and you lie a series of challenging levels and colorful areas that, despite their harmless and welcoming appearance, will not hesitate to send you back to the starting line if you miss a beat.

With a stripped down, three-button input system, you’ll have to master the skills of walking, jumping, dodging deadly hazards, sprinting, gliding and flying… all while on ice! Even the ground you walk on poses a threat!

Key Features

  • PLATFORMING… ON ICE: Originally an entry for an ice-themed jam, the frozen landscapes you’ll traverse will have you sliding right into harm’s way should you not be careful. Watch your speed and momentum, especially under wind currents!
  • MOVEMENT ABILITIES: Essential to beat the trickier challenges, forcing you to re-think how you move around. Double jump to reach new heights, glide through air streams to increase your maneuverability or sprint at a high speed to clear large chasms!
  • 50 LEVELS: Split up on four different areas, each with their own distinct look and feel.
  • A BETTER FINAL BOSS: Deadlier and nastier than before; he’s been re-built from the ground-up to crush you again. Again. And Again.
  • NEW GAME+ MODE: Was the first time too easy? Do you just like suffering? Every level (even the boss!) now has a tweaked, more lethal variant just waiting for you.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS AND SECRETS: Aside from the standard progress and challenge types, there are also cryptic and secret feats that unlock a small bonus game!
  • TIMED MODE: Do you keep your cool if there’s small time and death counters staring at you constantly, watching your every move and mistake? What if you couldn’t even pause to breathe?

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Entry for Weekly Game Jam 94 (Theme: ice)
May 2019

  • Collect gems!
  • All the gems unlock the exit!
  • Gather power ups that enhance your mobility!
  • Dodge icicles and ice-spikes!
  • Get frustrated over having to walk over slippery icy surfaces most of the time!
  • Get even more frustrated over the fact that there’s heavy winds blowing you astray!
  • Become relieved over the fact that it’s pretty short!
  • Relax even more over the chill (Hah!) music!

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