Odds are it’s never getting finished
May 2017


project:embraced aims to be a momentum-based platformer shooter, with a focus on momentum. What I mean by that is:

  • Bullets are affected by the players’ velocity, so even if you can only aim up-down-left-right, by running or jumping you allow yourself more degrees (get it?) of possibilities.
  • Whenever a weapon is fired, knock back happens. Use a shotgun for a double jump or a sub machine gun as an impromptu jet-pack.

the plan

The idea is to currently focus on local multiplayer game mode(s), and when a solid foundation’s been reached, branch out to a more story-driven single player mode.

The game needs to be fun first right? Plus there’s plenty of kinks to figure out along the way.

what can it currently do?

At the moment the important features would be:

  • 2-4 player local multiplayer deathmatch (every player* needs a controller!)
  • Configure game settings such as points-until-victory, max HP and other similar variables
  • 5 weapons to mess around with, one of them with explosions
  • 4 maps that are pretty much barren testing grounds

*Player 1 can use a keyboard

Controls, change log and other miscellaneous stuff is included in the download’s enclosed readme.

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