Nuclear Moss

W.I.P. – Real Title Pending
January 2019

Nuclear Moss is a fast-paced twin-stick style shooter. The current demo could be described as a vertical slice of what is to come should I continue with the project. It currently


  • Six different characters (not in looks though), each with their own stats, attacks and abilities. You’ll also need to unlock half of them!
  • Six different enemy types with a few sub-types. Yes, they’re all re-colors of the same sprite.
  • A world map with what would constitute a “world’s” or “zone’s” amount of content.
  • A final boss awaiting at the final level. Some characters perform far better against him than others though.
  • An unending arcade mode once you’re done with the main levels (you’ll also have to unlock it). The algorithm will sometimes generate really annoying enemy waves.
  • Controller (xinput) support at a basically proof-of-concept stage. It’s rough, but it works.

tell me:

  • What you think! I’d love some feedback on stuff like: character balance, game performance, enemy behavior, or just about anything else that comes to mind!

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