Here’s where we say how fun I am or something:

I’ve been on-and-off making video games since 2004. My program of choice is Game Maker because I can’t be arsed into learning a language proper. In my free time I’m known to sometimes set up game servers, fiddle with personal file backup systems or try to pick some new skill up only to abandon it moments later when I realize it takes effort to learn new stuff and then ponder why anything matters or why do anything at all in the first place.

On a lighter note, here’s some links:

  • Steam profile if you like playing video games. I like video games. I’m always in offline mode tho.
  • Feel free to toss e-mail my way regarding whatever.
  • I like to upload my shit onto itch and gamejolt too if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • I made a twitter because we’re practically obligated to participate in the web oligopoly if we want any kind of exposure.
  • Absurdly late to the party, but here’s an ama link.