Just another lost wanderer trying to make sense of existence. When I’m not literally running away from physical or otherwise problems, real or percieved, I might fire up the only development tool I know my way around: Game Maker Studio, and pretend to know what I’m doing. I’ve been at it since at least 2004, putting my attempts at games up at now-defunct sites like games showcase and gamemakergames.

Before that I’d use The Games Factory, and before that ancient piece of software all I recall is a single, very crude mspaint design document ripping off Snow Bros, alongside wishes of getting Nintendo to make a Pok√©mon game for the SNES.

Why game development? I guess it was a fun idea at first, and by now it’s one of the few things I’m comfortable with, I suppose. To rest is to rust after all, and if you overthink you’re left with nothing of substance to pursue.


  • e-mail: for normal people; for boring, reliable messaging
  • gamejolt: scratching that itch before it was cool
  • itch: pumpkin spice lattes, craft beers, and indie “games”
  • ko-fi: should be called be-er
  • sinis#0267: no link here, move on; hardly ever there
  • steam: always offline, yet always there
  • tumblr ask: more fun when people could post naughty drawings
  • twitter: don’t know why, not really a fan of it; echo chamber galore
  • wp theme: since I can’t into php or css or js or html