Wandering Gem Jockeying

An actual commercial title by yours truly
August 2019

Moody and atmospheric platforming

  • Relax and take in the soothing colors and music as you learn the basics: collect all gems and head for the exit
  • Originally made for an ice-themed game jam, expect slippery surfaces and gusts of wind. However, they’ve been carefully tweaked to keep frustration at a minimum.
  • With only three input buttons necessary for gameplay, you’ll never feel overwhelmed.

Expand your moveset

  • Collect a small assortment of powerups that will expand your abilities while keeping the simple three-button input scheme to overcome trickier challenges.
  • Double jump to reach new heights, glide to increase your air maneuverability or run twice as fast to clear large chasms.

Don’t hold back

  • As you progress, expect the difficulty to ramp up accordingly, but fret not, because by then you’ll have the skills and knowledge necessary to overcome all obstacles!

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Entry for Weekly Game Jam 94 (Theme: ice)
May 2019

  • Collect gems!
  • All the gems unlock the exit!
  • Gather power ups that enhance your mobility!
  • Dodge icicles and ice-spikes!
  • Get frustrated over having to walk over slippery icy surfaces most of the time!
  • Get even more frustrated over the fact that there’s heavy winds blowing you astray!
  • Become relieved over the fact that it’s pretty short!
  • Relax even more over the chill (Hah!) music!

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