Game projects go here, in chronological order:

Dream Cave

Entry made for lowrezjam 2020, where the game resolution had to be 64×64 or lower. I don’t know if the adage of “restrictions inspire creativity” apply to this specific case, but it was a fun little project to tackle, and incorporate some light metroidvania elements for the first time.
Can you beat my just-over 5-minute personal 100% completion record?



Something made to mostly keep me sane and busy. A mix of old and new ideas re-purposed into a simple arcade game.

itch | gamejolt

Wandering Gem Jockeying

Originally an entry for itch-hosted Weekly Game Jam #94, in a stroke of genius I decided to keep at it until it was a fully-fledged game worthy (in my eyes anyway) of having a price tag.
It was… definitely an experience, and many lessons about game development, marketing (or lack thereof), having an online presence, and a bunch of other things not really related to game development I’m not too fond of, were learned.
Regardless, I saw a full project from start to finish, a rarity. And there’s still a few things I’d like to work on before calling the game a done deal. I’ll even send you a Steam key if you ask me nicely. The original jam entry is still available on itch and gamejolt too.

steam | itch | gamejolt

Spess Gaem

This game exists as a product of undirected rage towards circumstance. Hastily made in a week, it features a sort of kill-screen, as I couldn’t be bothered to not make the game spawn an enemy every single frame after you hit a certain level.

itch | gamejolt

Three’s a Crowd

When entering a jam where the theme is non-violence, I made a game where you incite others to do the dirty, but necessary, work for you. Read the readme.


Mystery Maze Mash

Procedural generation before it was heavily stigmatized. Rescue your loved one by grabbing crystals (how does that even work?). Made for a Valentine’s day-themed jam.


Snowball Commander

Missile Command (with powerups and multipliers, wow!). Winter-themed. Monochrome.


Rather Small Invaders

Shoot down not-space-invaders. Check your stats. Amazing!


Road Trip to Hell

Difficult. Unfair. Punishing. Short. Made for a Halloween jam.


Wrath of the God

The OG. Crack open a Monster Zero. It’s boomer time.
Dodge the “Incandescent Spheres of Doom” until you can’t anymore.